Sounds of Heaven

by M-Jock

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Just Listen and be your own judge :)


released July 20, 2013



all rights reserved


M-Jock Gorinchem, The Netherlands

Around 10 years ago I contacted Matheus Sales de Moura, the founder of the music label "Zeven Zegels Music". At that time the label had only produced one album so it found itself at the start. In 2013 I finished the recording of my first album "Sounds of Heaven".

Last year 2016, I just finished two new singles “El novio y la novia” and “I just want to be close” (Downloadable on this site).
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Track Name: Father of the Fatherless
The Father of the fatherless
Standing on the shore
Do you hear His call:
He says ‘Please come from your island
I want to love you so..’
Let your bridge fall down

The Father of the broken hearts
Is everywhere you go
He sets His eyes on y’all
He can embrace you from the inside
Despite of what you’ve done
Relationship His goal

He wants to love you, embrace you
Kiss you, face you
He knows your problems, your struggles
Your feelings, your problems

He’s calling you home
He’s calling you home
Sons and daughters I am your home
Sons and daughters I am your home

But will you know
But will you know
But will you know

The Father of all you sinners
From liar till gays and thieves
His softly eyes speak strong
In His holy presence
You’re like nothing and ashamed
But SO worth to dying for

The Father for y’all that are depressed
Standing for all your graves
‘Screaming People come and rise’
Throw off all you unbelief
Stay in faith in what I said
I am the One can give you live
Track Name: Normal Streetchild Life
The Streetchild Life

My father will beat me up to bones
If I don’t come home with the money he wants
Selling sweets on the streets to the tourists and rich
I put a mask on my face, I’m in need for some grace

Joy is a song I don’t remember the sound
Cause my heart thats been hurt
Is the soul that has counted
The times needles of rejection
Injected amounts of a drug in my heart that overshadowed the love

My sister is sick on her bed one day
When the Lord had opened the way to school
She’s raped by some fools
Pregnant she’s too
Her future looks gone
Is this the end of her song, coming along (tweede stem)

I say:
Brother don’t you see what I see
Don’t you know what I know
People crying, children dying
Sister don’t you feel, what I feel
Don’t you want, what I want
When you walk through pain and misery
Coming along, Coming along (meer stemming)

My grandfather ‘beggar’
Is a bit Loco-Loco
He says: adjurdame amigo’s dame dinero poco poco
People ignore him, so he grabs the gin
“Macho-depressed” and still no respect
Really living the life, only seen on your television
Desperate faces and hearts without vision
Doing their best on staying alive
Feeding their children and fighting their fights
But I, I am a man, I am a man on a mission
A heart filled with passion
Yes I am staying in hope by praying for lives
That Jahs true love will come and change things alright

Love replaces all my hate inside
It is Your smile that makes things right
On this junk yard called the street childlife
Live and love seem to dissipate
This will not be our fate
This junk yard called the street child life
Track Name: Accepted

Sometimes I am thinking by myself what has become of me now
What has become of the child that I was who talked so happily loud
Was filled with YOUR JOY, honest OF HEART and feeling the best of the crowd
Point in me your finger Dad on the lies that made me sad right now.


2. And then the Spirit sings over me

Refrein: 2x

You’re ac-cep-ted
You’re accepted as His child

Vers 1:

Why do you search the living among the dead
Why do still liv’in that old life by thinking that you are bad
Why do you live in fear
Why do you live a proof-yourselve-life
Why not by faith but always by fight
Why not relax’in, why not relaxing, reflecting, what’s wrong and what’s right
There’s forgiveness, in His eyes, you’re not a failure
You’re Gods Child, You’re God child


You’re already forgiven when you make mistakes
You’re already forgive but you got no faith
You're in the palm of His hands so take a stand
Rise up from the grave to the promised land
Let no feeling sieze you
you, He will satisfy you
Dishing you up divine food, bring’in ya in the right mood
Selfrelease who oo, It cannot deliver your soul
caz powerlessness
Is then what you meet you know

Track Name: Sounds of Heaven
The wispering of the wind
It shares Your love for me
The air surrounds the sea
I taste Your love, I breath
The aroma of cinnamon thea
I smell Your love so sweat
The grace You showed to me
That just lets me see

From heaven resounds the singing
You are my son
My heart jumps up with joy when you sing
You are my son
You are my son..
You are my son.

The birdsong everywhere ensures me that you care
The peace of summernights reflects your heart so quiet
The softly rain in spring an embracement of my King
In all this I just see, your heart that longs for me

From heaven resounds the singing
You are my son
My heart jumps up with joy when you sing
You are my son
From heaven resounds the singing
You are my son
My heart jumps up with joy when you sing
You are my son
You are my son
You are my son..
You are my son.
Track Name: Stamped Seal
Up and Down (yes) goes my heart
The beat it makes is steady fast
I need to run I need to hide
It says I can’t survive….
Survival of the fittest man
That I am the weak I can not win
I make myself a comfort place
Em G
What kills me again and again

But you stamped your seal upon my heart
Its roman chapter 8
And it says that I can say:

You’re my Abba Father (4x)
And There is no need for fear no more

There is a constant stream from up above
Full of love and grace that cleans you up
But a lot of times I choose the ash to mourn of my flesh
Flesh is death but still a threat
I sometimes lost but in my head
there was always be a battlecry which said:
Its done: You’re still MY son
Track Name: Yeshua
Yeshua Hamashiach
No sacrifice we need
Caz the Lord of all creation
Send His Lam of Pesach
To save His firstborn Nation
Yeshua Hamashiach
It’s a Holy Name
Worthy of all praise
And every knee will bow
Down…Bow Down..for the King

1.There is no name on earth
So much abuse, misused
History that tells
That they used it for their self
2.They spoke their wrong things right
For their power and their might
Protected cruelty with lies
Religious evil in their eyes
3.They were killing your people of Israel
In the name of the Father and Holy Son
Crusaders became your slayers
With their brainless Holy acts
4.And your so called Christian neighbors
Brought 6 million lives to end
In their deathcamps…death camps..
5.So no wonder my friend you don’t want to accept
The life Jahweh is offer yah through a name that seems to threatening yah destroying yah misleading yah
6. But the truth behind the lies makes you just deny..what’s the real truth in this life
I pray He’ll open up your eyes ….open up your eyes…
And the walls of your heart will fall down for the cry

Of Yeshua Hamashiach…..

1. He was a Jewish man.. was raised up down in Nazareth
Continuously was a living a life on the Jewish path,
2.with all its manners and its ways
Was circumcised, did not deny the “I AM” , but Zion was a Blind man…
3. He brought not new God, He brought just new life,
renewed mind, a new passion, a fresh love, the new wine….
4. Fulfilling of the prophecies, not religiously just doing things
He only did what the Father was doing… He Made that Freedom sings
5. He is the path through the Red sea
He is the way to Jah’s safe place
He is that King of Kings that made David sing.
6. He is the Groom of Salomons Song and we are his bride..
He personifies love he will make you come alive
He will open your eyes, open your
And the walls of your heart will fall down:
Track Name: I see you walking
Verse 1
I see you walking on the bridge with a white face and a black coat
Your eyes reflect the pain inside that is squeezing your throat
I see you sitting in the church, but your mind is by the exit outside
And no word of love of the God who made you can step to your mind

1e keer refrein:
But you know…..There’s so much more (2x)
more to be living for

Verse 2
I hear you talking about the party last night when you lost all control
You laugh about it while your spirit is shouting…yes it's cold voice screams loud
I see you walking avoiding other people who reject you so hard
But the run to the direction of the wrong satisfaction
Makes you empty in your heart

2e Refrein
But you know…..There’s so much more (3x)
more to be living for

He can embrace you like a father and if you go on your knees
He will never look back to the past you can say that you free man
This war is over but another will begin so take the armor of God
For the temptation of the sin
The lord is your shepherd… shall not want
He leads you beside the still waters…
And He restores your soul…
Track Name: Nightengale
The darkness all around. Dissembles the day. A black curtain fills the air. In a full depressive way. But suddenly the atmosphere in change. Sounds of freedom from the heart. Of a bird singing without shame.

Nightingale receive the daily light. Let My sun warm up your heart. Let My sun shine in your night. Nightingale receive the daily live. Sing down freedom yes to gain. And give over all your pain. Nightingale receive My light soo bright. Caz I think .. I think it is time. I think it is time..oooo I think it is time. I think it is time..

For a bright new shiny day!! It is a bright new shiny day! It is a sunny day…a beautiful day. Be happy and be thankfully, joyfully, eternally. Just singing your song of liberty. Just
know’in that my love for you. Will never stop, you will break through. Connected with Me, then you will see. Love and life abundantly
Rap: Yes My God, even know sometimes my life is dark. A new time is rising up from the depths within my heart. I hear you call so this is where I start. I was lost. Surely never want to get back to where I was. This time is mine and these new days are shining. I’ll keep on climbing those mountains that are rising. I see the things that I wish, but when today not the time is…That I’ll reach the top. I’ll keep climbing untill I find it. Despite my past, I walk on and take my rest. Regain my strength, get up on my way again. As I stand I see my land. Set aside by Your hand. I take it in and the new day rises again. Nightingale receive new life so bright.

Nigthingale receive my sunny shine Nightingale receive new daily light. Caz I think it’s time for a bright new shiny day
Track Name: Come to Life
God said: “Ezekiel, My Son…I will take you, my friend to the valley of bones right on this moment”
So God took his hand before he could say: yo Father will you just wait a second
Surprised as he was, he didn’t understand, asking Father explain i just can’t comprehend
So the Father above as wise as He was let him walk for a while before He answered
The bones that he saw they were totally dry and if there one thing was sure there was there nothing
Like life so the question God asked sounding strange in the ears while the blowing wind of the death
was all he could hear.
God said: “Ezekiel my son will these bones come to live?” And Ezekiel he knew that the Father was wise. God has showing His prophet a lot of His might so he don’t has to think before answering right.
He said: “The only one who know is you so if you say so…It will happening, happening, happening SOON

Dry bones you come to life..
You death you’ll rise again ?
You all become purified
The desert will change in Eden YEAH
What once was destroyed inside
Will be changed, be healed and life again
Dry bones you come to rise..
Yeah you will rise again

Refrein 2:
Yeah the bones from the dell? became a body and then
the flesh and strings dressed it up to a crowd of strong men
but the bodies were no more then dust in the air,
'cuz the life within giving breath was no part that they share.
Like slaves with no will and no spirit inside
they were not prepared and not ready to fight.
God said: Now ask the four winds to breath into this crowd.
Then the people become an army yes who’ll prais’in Me loud.
And you will know that I will flow. That I will act when you will act,
that I will breath when you breath. The power of life in the might of your tongue

And if it seems that you walk with the devil and temptation is on your mind
No feelings are up and the ash is your crown and you need some new fresh wine
He is singing over you
He is singing over you.